They are more concerned to prescribe features of

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Unformatted text preview: s abstract sense). They are more concerned to prescribe features of interactive discourse such as prosody and voice quality, the way in which particular speech acts should be performed, the choice of address terms/salutations and the consistent use of certain politeness formulae. In this instance standardization is not prompted by the need to communicate across regional/national boundaries (though in the case of multinational companies it may operate across them), but rather by the need to subordinate individuals to a corporate norm. Employees' verbal behaviour, along with other aspects of their self-presentation such as bodily appearance and dress (cf. Witz, Warhurst, Nickson and Cullen 1998), is treated as a commodity ± part of what organizations are selling to their customers, an element of their `branding' and corporate image. The signi®cance organizations accord to the prescribed style of speaking is evident from the degree of e€ort they put into its production via training, regulation and surveillan...
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