This process has produced a lay notion of womens

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Unformatted text preview: ory of language and gender studies is relevant here, because it is evident that the products of the research tradition inaugurated by Lako€ have ®ltered steadily, though selectively, into popular consciousness. This process has produced a lay notion of `women's language' that is an amalgam of long-established folk-beliefs, elements of the early Lako€ hypothesis, popularized accounts of more recent ®ndings, and new, or at least reworked, stereotypes disseminated via popular psychology and self-help texts. However inaccurate it may be as an empirical description of the way women `really' speak, and however unsatisfactory it may appear from the perspective of academic scholarship, this notion of `women's language' provides a powerful symbolic `meaning resource' for `stylistic agents' to draw on. In the following discussion I will seek to show in more detail how various elements of the symbolic construct `women's language' are appropriated and recombined in the # Blackwell Publishers Ltd. 2000 d:/3socio/4-3/cameron.3d ± 29/6/0 ± 21:6 ± disk/mp 334 CAMERON call centre context to produce a pa...
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