This story does not necessarily indicate a greater

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Unformatted text preview: invariably personi®ed by a smiling Asian woman. A smiling Asian man would be a much less `natural' and more problematic image with which to convey the desired meaning. An anonymous reviewer commented that the reference to `inauthenticity' in this sentence raises important issues. Limitations of space mean it is not possible to pursue them here, but they are discussed at length in Cameron 2000. This story does not necessarily indicate a greater sensitivity about gender/sexual identity among American male workers than among their British counterparts. Rather it probably re¯ects the greater willingness of American businesses to prescribe this sort of behaviour. While British service cultures are changing (and arguably they are changing in the direction of `Americanization'), routines like the one described in the anecdote would still be considered `over the top' in the British context. In my U.K.-based research I came across several attempts to introduce American service customs, which had foundered on the rock of British customer...
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