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Workplace styling then is a distinctive phenomenon

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Unformatted text preview: tines are typically instructed to aim for a `natural' and `authentic' performance. Workplace styling, then, is a distinctive phenomenon, and as such it prompts various questions, not all of which can be addressed in the space of a single article. The main question I set out to address here concerns the actual choices made by corporate style designers: what are they, and what is the motivation for them? What social meanings do the designers intend to index when they instruct service workers to adopt a particular style of speaking? Of course, one might also want to ask questions about the extent to which workers actually comply with the instructions they are given, and the meanings actually attributed to their speech by those on the receiving end, i.e. customers. These are important issues, but they are beyond the scope of the present paper. What follows, then, is a description and analysis of a stylistic ideal, or in corporate language the `brand': a normative construct which shapes, even if it cannot...
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