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Your telephone manner should sound as if you have

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Unformatted text preview: abrupt (performance guidelines, auto insurance centre) `Expressive' intonation projecting attitudes/emotional states Our commitment is to give the caller an impression of excitement, friendliness, helpfulness and courtesy. Your telephone manner should sound as if you have been waiting for that particular call all day. You must never sound bored on a call (directory assistance centre employee manual) The objective at the beginning of a call is to demonstrate sincerity and warmth. Try to make the caller feel you are there for them . . . [avoid] a disinterested, monotonous tone to voice (performance guidelines, auto insurance centre) It has been argued that both smiling and using expressive intonation are symbolically feminine behaviours. In the case of smiling, nonverbal communication researchers point out that it is not simply a spontaneous expression of pleasure but often functions, especially with non-intimates, to signal deference or appeasement. In the words of Nancy Henley, the smile is `understood as a gesture o€ered upward in the...
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