Independence new nations or independent colonies need

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Unformatted text preview: • • • • geography history culture/customs bloodlines religion language • Shared features of nations: • What about minority groups? Independence • New nations (or independent colonies) need ways of indexing their new status. • nationalism = symbols of independence. • new flag • new name • new official language - but whose? • nationism = practical issues of governing the country. • (more on that next week...) In-group sameness: (erasure of differences between us) Out-group difference: (erasure of the similarities we have with them) Out-group sameness: (erasure of differences between them) e.g. Spanish-speakers => "Mexicans" e.g. Asian-immigrants => "Chinese" e.g. Muslims and Sikhs => terrorists Symbols of Independence • Example: postcolonial USA • Noah Webster’s spelling reforms. etc) colour => color (also flavour, behaviour, • • • theatre => theater (also centre) realise...
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