Sometimes yes and sometimes no middle class

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Unformatted text preview: y depend on the person describing it? Sometimes yes and sometimes no (middle class?) Minority/NonHegemonic Identity • oppositional identity: when a (minority) group defines itself in contrast to the mainstream. • positive identity practices: identify as part of a group. • negative identity practices: distance from other groups. • E.g. cholas criticising preocupation with weight/dieting (assoc with white femininity). (i.e. African American or Hispanic) -define yourself by "who i am" and by "who i'm not" -identify in terms of "we are different from them; we don't do what they do" Group Identity through Erasure • Identity indexes group membership. • Defining group identity through erasure: • in-group sameness • different from out-group • (& also out-group sameness) • oppositional identity requires homogeneous group. Macrosocial Language & Community • How big is a “community?” • microsocial vs macrosocial • Can a nation be a community? Nation as Imagined Community • Nation as “imagined political community” • (Anderson, cited in Spitulnik) • •...
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