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Unformatted text preview: => realize • Defining your (national) group identity: • can be oppositional • e.g. USA is not like England Multilingualism Teaser • Multilingualism at various levels: • macro-social: multiple languages spoken in a society. • micro-social: language mixing in interpersonal interactions. • individual: linguistic repertoire, speaking vs understanding. Hemispheric Localism Preview of next week’s readings.... • Hemispheric Localism: • North/South geographic distinction. • ...indexes other salient • distinctions in youth’s local lives. ... and is indexed by their language choice. Hemispheric Localism • Seemingly simple formula: • North = English; American-raised; affluent; • South = Spanish; recent immigrant; poor • How does this distinction break down? • What do you do with people who don’t fit? • Examples: Junior; MS 13 (Puerto Ricans); Sita; Guera. • How do the Norteñas and Sureñas each define “being Mexican?...
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