Limited functional domains teaching in the home

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Unformatted text preview: one domain (e.g. home) take on the connotations (“flavor”) of that domain. • What might be some of the heteroglossic connotations of a minority language? Limited Functional Domains • Teaching in the home language: do you have the technical vocabulary? • Can your new national language do everything the old one did? Language Engineering • Limited functional domains over many generations = loss of spet vocabulary. • Language Engineering: • “expanding” a language to be used in every domain. • top-down: words are deliberately designed (not based on what people call things.) • Where do these new words come from? - different (embarrassing) - lack of education - local community ties - cultural heritage (pride) - cultural values - rebellion - political affiliation - emotions - poverty Language Engineering • Where can we find new words for our language? - historical roots: look at the precolonial words. - borowing: from colonial language (problematic) - borrowing from other languages -...use loclal morphology/pronounciation -neolo...
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