G native american languages in the us multilingual

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Unformatted text preview: gisms: make up new words from native roots - (e.g. French "computer" = ordinateur; other countries just borrow from English - Example: hawai'ian -bringing your language with you - e.g. Native American languages in the US Multilingual Nations • How do multilingual nations form? • migration (immigration) • colonization • border changes Independence • New nations (or independent colonies) need ways of indexing their new status. • nationalism = symbols of independence. • nationism = practical issues of governing the country. Independence • How do you change a national language? the government? • in translate and republish all documents • (constitution, laws, warning labels, road signs) business? • in translate and republish all product manuals and • contracts. the media? • in translate all newspapers; find literate journalists • and newscasters. education? • in translate all textbooks for all classes; find fluent • speakers who can teach in that language....
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