Not really code switching but similar code switching

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Unformatted text preview: : based on who you are speaking to • ...not really code-switching, but similar. Code Switching • What are some reasons for code-switching.... • ...with an interlocutor who’s also bilingual? • ...with an interlocutor who’s monolingual? Puerto Rican Code Switching • Urciuoli (1991): Puerto Rican and African American working class neighborhood. • Men code-switch deliberately to construct an inclusive identity. • Women code-switch accidentally to construct both inclusive and exclusive identity. Code Switching • Some reasons for code-switching: • Thematic • Quotative • Emblematic switching in a sentence !¡ Macrosocial Multilingualism • Multiple languages spoken within a country. • may have monolingual individuals. • what are the social indices of these languages? • what are the political implications? Macrosocial Multilingualism Continent Number of Languages % of World Population Africa 2,110 (30.5%) 12.2% Americas (N and S) 993 (14.4%) 0.8% Asia 2,322 (33.6%)...
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