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Unformatted text preview: rz) “Any human aggregate characterized by regular and frequent interac>on by means of a shared body of verbal signs and set off from similar aggregates by significant differences in language usage” * The same speech community, 1) Regular contact, 2) Shared CODE, 3) Shared ways of using that code Styling the worker: Gender and the commodi>ication of language in the globalized service economy By Deborah Cameron •  Style, Styling, Styliza.on: •  ‐ Style: a way of using language •  ‐stylis>c agent: the person who makes choices about her or his own linguis>c performance. •  ‐ Bell focuses on self‐styling (speaker as stylis>c agent) •  ‐ But in Cameron’s service encounters, speaker & stylis>c agent are separate roles. speaker = the worker, stylis>c agent = the company/boss/ managers on site or at head office •  ‐ Styliza>on: (instead of styling): speakers give a performance, the script for which has been wri6en by someone else. •  Contemporary service workplaces ‐ a prescrip>ve or verbal hygiene prac>ce ‐ a case of styliza>on: speaker giving a performance (someone else’s script), But aim for a natural and authen>c performance •  Imposi>on of a par>cular speech style on service workers 1) part of standardiza>on (McDonaldiza>on): maximizing efficiency, calculability (i.e. numerical evalua>ons of quality), predictability (i.e. li6le varia>on), and control. 2) most salient features (e.g., smiling, pitch, volume, pace, acknowledgement) ‐ convey expressiveness, caring, empathy and sincerity ‐ symbolic markers of feminine gender ‐ revaluing women’s language ** Suprasegmental phenomena: voice quality, intona>on, rhythm; in other words, prosody. Homegirls by Norma Mendoza‐Denton (linguis>c and cultural anthropologist) Ethnography • Ethnos (Grk.): a people, community, nation • graphy (Grk.): writing •  The study and systematic recording of human cultures; also: a descriptive work produced fr...
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