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Unformatted text preview: respect (p.169) b. Macha as a refusal of tradi=onal gendered norms and values c. Being macha is embodied through makeup, personal semio=cs of style, and gesture. d. Macha is a kind of femininity. e. Mendoza‐Denton argues that the discourse of “being macha” might be a protec=ve factor from socially injurious outcomes. •  Key Terms: •  Hegemony‐ Leadership or dominance, by one social group over another. The values of the dominant social group are accepted as the truth and internalized among the dominated groups. •  Performa=vity‐ The capacity of speech and non‐verbal forms of expressive ac=on to perform a constructed iden=ty. Think about performance in the tradi=onal sense, and the role of the audience. Ex: gender as a performance •  Oprah effect‐when members of minority groups judge themselves by the aesthe=c norms of the dominant group Exclusion in girls' peer groups: Ethnographic analysis of language practices on the playground. By Goodwin, M.H. 2002. •  Contribu?ons •  a. This study views aggressive behavior as a social rather than an individual process and locates values within interac=ve prac=ce. •  b. This study includes the first documenta=ons of the language (female) children use to execute the ac=vity of peer vic=miza=on. •  c. This study calls into ques=on the dichotomous characteriza=ons of gende...
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