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Unformatted text preview: n’ n have a bite a’ lunch with me? 02 I got some beer en stuff. 03 B: Wul yer real sweet hon, A’s turn: talk in lines 1 & 2 B’s turn: talk in line 3 A’s turn consists of two TCUs (i.e., talk in line 1 and talk in line 2) whereas B’s turn consists of one TCU (i.e., talk in line 3). The Political Topography of Spanish and English: The View from a New York Puerto Rican Neighborhood. Author: Urciuoli, B. (1991) •  Far from having fixed boundaries in daily use, language choice reflects rela=onships. In rela=onships of equality (black to Puerto Rican), the use of Spanish can express a sotening of dis=nc=ons between “Puerto Rican” and “American” iden==es. In rela=onships of differen=al power rela=ons (middle‐class whites to Puerto Ricans), use of Spanish can be seen as intrusive and an overstepping of much more rigid boundaries. •  Emblema=c Spanish: For male speakers, slipping in Spanish that they claim their black interlocutors understand is seen as honorary inclusion; this “emblema=c Spanish” is a locally valued linguis=c art form. This is an example of emblema=c code‐switching. Homegirls Chapter 5: Muy Macha. By Mendoza‐Denton (2009) •  Being macha a. T‐Rex says being macha is: not about being masculine, but about standing up for oneself, not being controlled, not “taking shit”, having self...
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