Hoem ingjerd 1993 space and morality in tokelau

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Unformatted text preview: s in New Guinea. In New Guinea Area Languages and Language Study, vol. 3. S. A. Wurm, ed. Pp. 209-247. Canberra: Australian National University, Department of Linguistics, Research School of Pacific Studies. Farnell, Brenda 1995 Do You See What I Mean?: Plains Indian Sign Talk and the Embodiment of Action. Austin: University of Texas Press. Firth, Raymond 1972 Verbal and Bodily Rituals of Greeting and Parting. In The Interpretation of Ritual: Essays in Honour of A. I. Richards. J. S. La Fontaine, ed. Pp. 1-38. London: Tavistock. Goffman, Erving 1971 Relations in Public Microstudies of the Public Order. New York: Harper and Row. 1981 Forms of Talk. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Goodwin, Marjorie Harness 1990 He-Said-She-Said: Talk as Social Organization among Black Children. Bloomingtoru Indiana University Press. Goody, Esther 1972 'Greeting', 'Begging', and the Presentation of Respect In The Interpretation of Ritual. J. S. La Fontaine, ed. Pp. 39-71. London: Tavistock. Gregor, Thomas 1977 The Mehinaku: The Drama of Everyday life in an Brazilian Indian Village. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Grice,H.P. 1975 Logic and Conversation. In Syntax and Semantics, vol. 3. Speech Acts. P. Cole and N. L. Morgan, ed. Pp. 41-58. New York: Academic Press. 93 94 Journal of Linguistic Anthropology Gumperz, John J. 1992 Contextualization and Understanding. In Rethinking Context. A. Duranti and C. Goodwin, eds. Pp. 229-252. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Hanks, William F. 1990 Referential Practice: Language and Lived Space among the Maya. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Hoem, Ingjerd 1993 Space and Morality in Tokelau. Pragmatics 3:137-153. 1995 A Sense of Place: The Politics of Identity and Representation. Doctoral thesis, University of Oslo. Holmes, Lowell D. 1987 Quest for the Real Samoa: The Mead/Freeman Controversy and Beyond. South Hadley, MA: Bergin and Garvey. Hovdhaugen, Even 1986 The Chronology of Three Samoan Sound Changes. In Papers from the Fourth International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics. P. Geraghty, L. Canington, and S. A. Wurm, eds. Pp. 313-333. Pacific Linguistics, Series C, 93-94. Canberra: Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University. Irvine, Judith 1974 Strategies of Status Manipulation in Wolof Greeting. In Explorations in the Ethnography of Speaking. R. Bauman and J. Sherzer, ed. Pp. 167-191. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Jakobson, Roman 1960 Closing Statement: Linguistics and Poetics. In Style in Language. T. A. Sebeok, ed. Pp. 398-429. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Keenan, Elinor Ochs [Also see Ochs, Elinor] 1976 The Universality of Conversational Postulates. Language in Society 5:67-^80. Kendon, Adam, and Andrew Ferber 1973 A Description of Some Human Greetings. In Comparative Ecology and Behaviour of Primates. R. P. Michael and J. H. Crook, ed. P p. 591-668. London: Academic Press. Kramer, Augustine 1902-03 Die Samoa-Inseln. Stuttgart, Germany: Schwertzerbartsche. 1994 The Samoa Islands. An Outline of...
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