Talk between parentheses represents the b est guess

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Unformatted text preview: ity Press. Valeri, Valerio 1985 Kingship and Sacrifice. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Youssouf, Ibrahim Ag, Allen D. Grimshaw, and Charles S. Bird 1976 Greetings in the Desert. American Ethnologist 3:797-824. 96 Journal of Linguistic Anthropology Appendix Transcription Conventions All Samoan examples are taken from transcripts of s pontaneous interactions recorded b y the author in Western Samoa at different times between 1978 a nd 1988. In the transcripts presented i n the article, I a dopt the conventions introduced b y Gail Jefferson for c onversation analysis (see Sacks e t al. 1974), with a f ew modifications. [Inspection] Tala'i: ?: ??: ?Tula'i: (2.5) [ = =[ (I can't do) (??) (( )) [...] // o:: A n ame in brackets before the text of a n example refers to the name of t he transcript. Speakers' names (or general descriptors) are separated from their utterances by c olons. A q uestion mark instead of a n ame indicates that n o g ood guess could b e m ade as to the identity of the speaker. Repeated question marks indicate additional unidentified speakers. A q uestion mark before the name of the speaker stands for a probable, but not safe, guess. Numbers between parentheses indicate length of p auses i n seconds and tenths of s econds. A square bracket between turns indicates the point at w hich overlap b y another speaker starts. The equal signs indicate that t wo utterances are latched immediately to o ne another with n o p ause. The equal signs before a square bracket between turns signals that the utterance above and the o ne below are both latched to the prior one. Talk between parentheses represents the b est guess of a stretch of talk which was difficult to hear. Parentheses with question marks indicate uncertain or unclear talk of approximately the l ength of the blank spaces between parentheses. Material between double parentheses provides extralinguistic information. An ellipsis between square brackets indicate that parts of the original transcript or example have been omitted or that the transcript starts or ends in the middle of further talk. Parallel slashes are an alternative symbol indicating point of overlap, Colons, single or double, indicate lengthening of the sound they follow. Universal and Culture-Specific Properties of Greetings Abbreviations in Interlinear Glosses Art = article; Comp = complementizer; Emp = emphatic particle; incl = inclusive; Perf = perfective aspect marker; pi = plural (as opposed to singular or dual); Pres = present tense; Voc = vocative particle. "Good Speech" and "Bad Speech" Samoan has two phonological registers, called by S...
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