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Unformatted text preview: modern cognitive perspective The Cognitive neuroscience Cognitive Social constructivism Social M. Bassil PSYC 202 7 Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer ( Sociocultural Perspective How the social env’t & cultural learning cultural influences our behavior, thoughts & feelings (we are social creatures) are Culture: enduring values, beliefs, behaviors, & enduring traditions shared by group & passed through generations generations Social Norms (unwritten rules of expected behavior) Socialization (the process of transmitting culture) Cultural (cross-cultural) Ψ (K. & M. Clark; racial identity) (K. racial cultural) Individualism (emphasis on person: goals, self-identity) Collectivism (emphasis on ties to group) Collectivism (emphasis M. Bassil PSYC 202 Biological Perspective How brain processes & other bodily functions regulate How behavior behavior Behavioral Neuroscience (Physiological Ψ): (Physiological examines brain processes & other physiological examines f...
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