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Unformatted text preview: emisphere) hemisphere) LR 9 Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer ( 10/28/2009 NB: NB: the inability to describe the stimuli (verbally) when projected on the left side of the screen does not mean that that the right hemisphere is incapable of recognizing it!! Right-Hemisphere plays Hemisphere a role in the recognition of patterns patterns Brain Brain Plasticity Brain changes with time, learning, & practice as of the womb & continues through out life (governed (governed by genetic factors & influenced by experience) Neural plasticity: neuron ability to change in neuron structure structure & functions. Research intensified on the: Effects of early experience & • Recovery from brain damage • 10 Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer ( 10/28/2009 1.How experience influence brain development Fetal alcohol syndrome (fetus exposed to high levels of alcohol) Rats Rats brought up in stimulating environment heavier brains & more stimulating heavier neurons, neurons, more ACh,… Caressed & massaged premature infants faster neurological premature faster development development than those given normal care Left Left handed string instrument players had larger right-hemisphere string hemisphere somatosensory somatosensory area for left fingers than non-musicians Chronic alcoholism inhibits neural connections for cognitive functions inhibits in in hippocampus (< learning, memory) Stress affects neuron formation (e.g. clinical depression) Culture: Chinese have < left-hemisphere lateralization due to use of hemisphere pictorial pictorial language 2. Recovery from brain damage Surviving Surviving neurons take over & restore brain functioning by by modifying themselves structurally or biochemically Neurogenesis: the production of new neurons in the the nervous nervous sytem (mainly the hippocampus) Transplantation neural Transplantation of neural stem cells into brain: injection into of immature of immature “uncommitted” cells that can mature into any type of neuron or glial cell needed by the brain (detect impaired cells & somehow convert themselves into into health forms of the defective cells) may hold the key to future treatment of Alzheimer’s, multiple may sclerosis, strokes, mental disorders, & genetically based birth defects, + countering aging effects countering 11 Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer ( 10/28/2009 Brain: most active energy consumer (never rests) How do neuroscientists discover its secrets ? 1. Neuropsychological Tests: 2. Destruction & Stimulation Techniques: measure verbal/nonverbal behaviors of people with partial brain damage (thru accidents or disease) produce brain damage (lesions), surgically remove brain portion, or chemically/electrically stimulate neurons 3. Electrical Recording: study brain’s electrical activity (thousands of neurons) thru inserting electrodes on the scalp; use of Electroencephalograph (EEG) to d...
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