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G may functioning men fantasize women others

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Unformatted text preview: vation, BUT BUT not affected much by hormonal changes Androgens primarily influence sexual desire in men & women 14 Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www.novapdf.com) 11/30/2009 The Psychology of Sex Desire Desire & positively perceived sexual stimulus (can be imaginary) imaginary) trigger sexual motivation Mental Mental processes (e.g. fantasizing) may↑ physiological (e.g. may↑ functioning (Men fantasize > women) Others ↓ functioning (e.g. Stress, fatigue, anger at partner, performance performance anxiety, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse) Sexual dysfunction: chronic, impaired sexual chronic, functioning that distresses a person (injuries, disease, drug drug effects, or psychological) Cultural & Environmental Influences Sexual customs are not the same around the globe; e.g.: • Poking finger in partner’s ear (women of Micronesia); biting off & Poking spiting out hairs from partner’s eyebrow (women in South America); kissing is laughed at by peopl...
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