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Unformatted text preview: host of other reasons besides pleasure explain explain the motive: • Peer pressure in Adolescents • Viewed by some women as a unenjoyable marital duty • 10% of American men & 20% of women report it’s not 10% pleasurable ► express love, foster intimacy,… 12 Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer ( 11/30/2009 Sexual Behavior: Patterns & Change Large Large scale survey in US ► – 70% have sex with partner at least a few times a month – Cohabiting single adults > married > not cohabiting – By high school, 41% males & 29% females had sex Premarital Premarital sex pattern increased with time due to changing social norms & delayed marriage BUT now leveling off and maybe reversing due to: – Emphasis on depth of relationship – AIDS – Sexually transmitted diseases The Physiology of Sex The The Sexual Response Cycle (Masters & Johnson, ’53): (4 stages) (Masters (4 1. 1. Excitement: rapid arousal, blood flow to genital rapid areas, areas, muscle tension… 2. Plateau: b...
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