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Unformatted text preview: xpressive Include behaviors (e.g. smiling) ; others are instrumental (e.g. others instrumental behaviors (e.g. behaviors (e.g. fighting out in self-defense) Eliciting Stimuli Trigger cognitive appraisals & emotional responses External External OR internal (e.g. thought of coming vacation, memory memory of unpleasant event) INNATE INNATE biological factors determine which stimuli evoke strongest emotions since infancy (evolutionary value) value) (► most phobias involve “primal” stimuli not most modern modern threats) LEARNING: LEARNING: experience can ► people/situations people/situations CULTURE: CULTURE: physical features (ornamental scars) 24 Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer ( 11/30/2009 The Cognitive Component Interpretations Interpretations & meanings that we attach to sensory stimuli stimuli Inner experience influences expression & action Often Often we’re not consciously aware of appraisals automatic interpretation Different Different people/times have different emotional reactions reactions to same object, situation, or person The Cognitive Component Culture & Appraisal: Strong Strong similarities in ap...
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