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Unformatted text preview: ation, and autocovariance functions • Stationarity • Time-invariant filtering of random processes S-5 • Power spectral density • Optimal detection of a signal in noise using the matched filter • Markov chains 19. Attendance and Expectations: Attendance is not mandatory. However, students are expected to know all material covered in class, even if it is not in the book. Furthermore, the instructor plans to give a variety of graded questions during lectures with no make-up option. The two lowest scores of these graded questions will be dropped. 20. Grading: Grading for on-campus students will be based on three exams (30% each) and class participation, selected homework problems, and quizzes (10%). Grading for EDGE students will be based on three exams (25% each), homework (15%), and class participation and quizzes (10%). The participation score will take into account in-class participation, e-mail or instant messaging exchanges, discussions outside of class, etc. Homework sets for off-campus students will be graded on a a spot-check basis: if I give ten problems, I may only be able to grade four or five of them. Homework will be accepted late up to two times, with an automatic 25% reduction in grade. No formal project is required, but, as mention above, students will be required to use MATLAB in solving some homework problems. When students request that a submission (test or homework...
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