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Unformatted text preview: xt messaging is okay) (c) Email: [email protected]fl.edu (d) Web site (personal): http://wireless.ece.ufl.edu/jshea (e) Twitter (personal account): @jmshea (f) Office hours: Monday 9:35 AM – 10:25 AM, Wednesday 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM, or by appointment 7. Teaching Assistant: Jixin Feng (a) Office: NEB 403 (b) Phone: (518)290-0421 (c) Email: [email protected]fl.edu (d) Office hours: MWF 3pm-5pm (starting on Aug. 26th) 8. Meeting Times: 12:50 PM–1:40 PM, Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9. Class/laboratory schedule: 3 classes/week, 50 minutes each S-3 10. Meeting Location: NEB 102 11. Class Response System: To get full course participation credit, on-campus students will need to register with Poll Everywhere and join the EEL 5544 group using the following URL: www.polleverywhere.com/register?p=1mrb3-xu5k&pg=LHihF. Students can answer Poll Everywhere polls and quizzes using their phone, tablet, or laptop computer. Registration is $14/year. 12. Material and Supply Fees: Students pay a fee for taking a course that is offered on EDGE. On-campus students are required to have a PollEverywhere account to get full course participation credit. 13. Recommended Textbook: Henry Stark and John W. Woods, Probability, Statistics, and Random Processes for Engineers, Prentice Hall, 4th ed., 2011 (ISBN 0132311232). 14. Alternative Textbook: Alber...
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