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Unformatted text preview: ion 10.00% For exam, homework, and general questions, consult an lecturer or the course TA. For lab and project questions, consult lab TAs. Website Blackboard https://mycourses.purdue.edu Note: Our lecture’s Blackboard (Fall-2013-ME-31500-023) is separate from your lab’s Blackboard site GOALS & OVERVIEW WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? In this class we will learn the analytical tools needed to answer questions such as: • How long will it take for my beverage to get cold? • How much energy does it take to heat up my coffee? • Why are double paned windows more energy efficient? • Why does my computer/phone/tablet get so hot? • Why don’t turbine blades melt in jet engines? • and many more… HOW DOES ME 315 FIT IN? INTRODUCTION DEFINITIONS & KEY CONCEPTS WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THERMODYNAMICS AND HEAT TRANSFER? Thermodynamics deals with: 1. Work and heat interaction of a system or control volume with surroundings System: Closed Control Volume: Open systems Heat transfer deals with: 1. Mode (mechanisms) of heat transfer 2. Rate of heat transfer (dynamics) 2. End (equilibrium) states of processes: no information about nature of interaction or time rates http://www.wbdg.org/images/cmr_7.gif http://figures.boundless.com/5068f5f2e4b0e87...
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