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Unformatted text preview: 5746f3eb7/full/figure-16-01-02b.jpeg WHAT IS HEAT? DRAWING WITH FRIENDS General Public Mechanical Engineer KEY DEFINITIONS: HEAT TRANSFER: Transfer of energy resulting from a temperature difference In general, thermal energy moves from HOT to COLD THERMAL ENERGY: Thermal energy is associated with the translation, rotation, vibration and electronic states of the atoms and molecules that comprise matter. It represents the cumulative effect of microscopic activities and is directly linked to the temperature of matter. MASS TRANSFER: Transfer of mass resulting from a species concentration difference KEY DEFINITIONS Quantity Heat Transfer Meaning Symbol Units Thermal energy transport due to temperature gradients Thermal Energy Temperature Energy associated with microscopic behavior of matter U u T J J/kg K or °C Heat Amount of thermal energy transferred over a time interval ∆t > 0 Q J Heat Rate Thermal energy transfer per unit time q W = J/s Heat Flux Thermal energy transfer per unit time and area q" W/m2 A means of indirectly assessing the amount of thermal energy stored in matter EXAMPLES OF HEAT TRANSFER: EVERYDAY : • • • • • Cooking Heating/Air Conditioning Radiation Refrigerator Insulation RESEARCH : • Thermal management of electronic devices • Laser-material interactions • Spacecraft thermal control • Waste heat recovery • Clothing • Heating of your computers and other electronic devices • Etc. • Impact of nanoscale geom...
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