Let 7 method 2 there are 3 unkowns z p k and only 2

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Unformatted text preview: r damping ratio. Let ζ = .7 METHOD 2 There are 3 unkowns (z, p, K) and only 2 conditions (equations). The system can again be made to look "second order" if the pole is moved far enough to the left in the complex plan. This will make the complex poles dominate Try p = 10z The overshoot will be too large so increase the damping ratio just to be safe Let ζ = 0.707 Then from the settling time: adding some margin, let ωn = 4.9. The characteristic equation is: We want the characteristic equation to be the product of two factors, a couple of conjugated poles (dominant) and a non-dominant real pole...
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