Setting these two equations equal to each other

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Unformatted text preview: far from the dominant poles. Setting these two equations equal to each other: taking the solution that makes sence in this context and For stability: So from this 0 < K < 0.78 Solution: Let p = s+α and substitute s = p-α to obtain a polynomial in terms of p. Then apply the standard Routh rest to the polynomial in p. In this problem p = s+1 or s = p-1. Substitute this into the polynomial. Must have K > -3 and 4K2 +8K -13 > 0. The root of the second-order polynomial are K = 1.06 and K = -3.061. The second-order polynomial remais positive if K > 1.06 and K < -3.061. Therefore, must have K > 1.06....
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