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27 - Theoretical Applications Behavioral Theory Extinction...

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Theoretical Applications Behavioral Theory Extinction we engage in certain behaviors cause they are meaningful o Reinforcement is taken away behavior goes away o What is reinforcing? o How available is it? o How good are you at getting it? Behavioral Treatment Behavioral Activation o Focuses on increasing activity and consequently exposure to reinforcing experiences o List reinforcing behaviors/activities (Pleasant Events Schedule) that person must do based on a schedule o Model social skills interaction Cognitive/Behavioral Theory Learned Helplessness (hopelessness) o Bad things happen and there isn’t anything I can do about it Helplessness expectancy Negative outcome expectancy o Attributions and inferences Permanent instead of temporary Generalize Internal (part of the personality) vs. external (part of the environment) Cognitive Theory Negative self-schemas o People have a negative bias towards themselves o
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  • Spring '08
  • Messman-Moore&Walker
  • Psychology, Antidepressant, negative automatic thoughts, Cognitive Theory Negative, self Interpersonal Theory Interpersonal, Interpersonal Theory Interpersonal

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