The Cold War

The Cold War - The Cold War Security and Self-...

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The Cold War Security and Self- Determination- see roots of the cold war as WWII comes to an end, the US and the USSR are both interested in security and self-determination, they are both doing things that super powers had done for years, both want control, want both sides to get what’s best for the people, each side wants both security and self determination o Potsdam United Nations- the Big Three (Stalin, Churchill, and FDR) decide the League of Nations was a good idea, which was focused on collective security, it didn’t work very well, so they decide to try again, in the UN decide they will all be responsible for defending against a common threat, the UN is there not only for military purposes but to support democratic elections, giving aid to poor countries, to get other countries going, all 3 leaders decide this is a good idea Poland- Stalin says that the territories that they captured are now theirs, that they won them in the war and have to right to decide what the post-war looks like, their way of self-determinations, use them as a buffer zone which is the security aspect, the US wants them to have their independent status, want no part of communism, don’t know how to dislodge the Soviets, in Potsdam they get assurances from Stalin that they will allow some kind of free government, FDR says that this is the best he can do for Poland, the Soviet Union makes these countries into its own model, these countries become communist Japan and Asia- US has the same plan as for these new Soviet countries, they want to remold Japan in its own image, want to counter the Soviet Union’s method, the US fears that the Soviet Union will have a lot of control in Asia because Russian is the largest Asian country, they think that if they can turn Japan into a strong capitalist economy it will show these Soviet countries the right way to do things, both sides want the same thing, security plus self-determination o Containment- George F. Kennan, the architect of containment, lived in Russia, ambassador for Russia, very familiar with the Russian people, came to the conclusion that the Soviet and American system are very opposed, no way that they can’t coexist peacefully, takes his logic back to 1919, establishment of the USSR as the worst case scenario, Kennan says that we must contain the Soviets, keep them in their boundaries, politically, economically and militarily, lays out this containment idea an 8000 word telegram, known as the Long Telegram, he sends it from Moscow to the US, he lays out in a way that no one had done before just how bad the situation between these 2 countries, he says that if we don’t contain them, it will basically be the end of the world, he says that Stalin is such a paranoid and violent figure that he is almost like a walking time bomb, he says that the US, if we continue on our present track, we will outlast the Soviet Union, other folks at the same time that are coming to the same conclusions, one is Winston Churchill, he gives the Iron Curtain Speech, in this speech he articulates arguments similar to Kennan’s, he says that the Soviet Union has dropped an iron
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The Cold War - The Cold War Security and Self-...

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