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Unformatted text preview: nternet and e-business services across Europe of Internet and services across Europe Source: Eurostat, Community Survey on ICT usage in enterprises, eEurope (2005) Information Society Benchmarking Report, © European Communities 2005, Slide 1.30 Figure 1.9 Barriers to development of online technologies to development of online technologies Source: DTI (2002) Slide 1.31 Intro to B2B Company • Employs 600 people worldwide • Turnover £100m • Products – composites and speciality polymers – See • Distribution – 90 companies worldwide via joint ventures and agents • Competitors: – Derakan ( – Scott Bader ( – Owens Corning ( Slide 1.32 Intro to B2C Company • Established 1984, 80 staff • Products – Kitchenware • Distribution – Through retailers and transactional web sites • Competitors – ( – Lakeland ( – Tupperware ( Slide 1.33 Activity – Benefits to B2B and B2C Company • See activity 1.5 • Give examples of these benefits of an online presence. Which of these are most important to each: – Cost reduction – New capability – Communication – Customer service – Control – Competitive advantage Slide 1.34 Figure 1.10 The McKinsey 7S framework McKinsey framework Source: Adapted from Waterman et al. (1980) Slide 1.35 Element of 7S model Application to digital marketing team Key issues from practice and literature Strategy The significance of digital marketing in influencing and supporting organisations' strategy Gaining appropriate budgets and demonstrating / delivering value and ROI from budgets. Annual planning approach. Techniques for using digital marketing to impact organisation strategy Techniques for aligning digital s...
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