Class Notes 8.27-1 - Class Notes PS 220 August 27, 2007 The...

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Class Notes PS 220 August 27, 2007 The American Political Culture Importance of political character American political character Determinants of American Political Culture Geography Physical Separation Abundance Frontier Experience History Slavery Civil War The Great Depression Evolution of national institutions Religion Protestantism Capitalism Its Success Political culture, or character of a nation is important because political systems are not built and do not operate in a vacuum. Political systems very much reflect the publics perception of the role of government. American political character is very ambiguous, and can be described in many ways. In one way people are very suspicious of government. The government is in possession of too much power. That those in Washington D.C. Are operating in an isolated environment and away from the people. There is a much greater draw for local government, a government that they can observe. In other countries, government is viewed as a means to which the public can obtain social services. Government is good, and needs to be large in order to carry out these ends. Power in these countries of the governmental system is encouraged. It is preferred to have a distance government that runs things as opposed to a local government. In America, we like to know our governmental officials.
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Class Notes 8.27-1 - Class Notes PS 220 August 27, 2007 The...

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