Class Notes 9.10 - Class Notes PS 220 September 10, 2007...

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Class Notes PS 220 September 10, 2007 The Nationalization Process A. Corporate-State relations Government Support 3/5 Representation method Slavery until 1808 Roads, canals, railways Industrialization Corporate concentration National Economy Government support for big business Labor Practices Regulatory Policy Shared goals after World War I B. Emergence of Career Civil Service Conditions before 1880's Consequences of Professionalism C. The Great Depression Public and business expectations New Deal Programs New Deal Coalition Growth in government size and power D. African American migration Shape and consequences for nationalization process The legislative branch has many direct powers that help keep the branch legitimate. It also has a lot of implied powers, that are necessary and proper of the listed specific powers. The legislative branch also helps represent the interests of the people on a local basis, to help counteract the national interests with the interests of the local constituency. Having ideological competition between the legislative and executive branch, the American people think that this will result in more intelligible policy making and more discussion of the policy. Incrementalism and short term policies to simply fix the short term instead of eradicating the problem. The relationship between the corporate sector and the state governments can be traced to almost the
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Class Notes 9.10 - Class Notes PS 220 September 10, 2007...

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