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Class Notes 9.26-1 - Class Notes PS 220 Louie Freeh was the...

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Class Notes PS 220 September 26, 2007 Louie Freeh was the man O'Neil needed to convince in order to get his ideas about Middle East terrorism off the ground. Told Freeh that the Saudis were deceiving them and that they had hidden agendas. O'Neil warned that he is agitating too many people with his Al-Quida pursuits. Becomes assistant director for counter terrorism forces. Look and found ties dealing with plot to assassinate Clinton came to be connected to Osama Bin Laden in most cases. Growing sophistication of the Al- Quida network showed the increasing role of Bin Laden, and his dangerously complex systems. O'Neil denied the responsibility to take control of the incidents in Africa. Discovery of terrorist cells in the United States at the Millennium. Finding connections between the cells all over the United States. Military organization of the FBI created obstacles for O'Neil and made sure that he would not get the job he wanted. Bin Laden was planing a “Hiroshima” type of event. Bombing of the U.S.S. Cole
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