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Aerodynamics Notes 05 (corrected)

Aerodynamics Notes 05 (corrected) - Manometerproblem )...

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Manometer problem The velocity of a flow can be found by measuring the total pressure ( ܲ ) measured at the forward stagnation point, and the static pressure ( ܲ ) in a region where the flow is parallel to the free stream over a significant distance. A device for making this measurement is a Pitot tube. The velocity is then given by the equation ܲ െܲ ߩܸ . A water manometer is connected both the total and static lines from a pitot tube and the difference in height between the legs of the manometer was measured to be 30 cm. What is the pressure difference between the total and static pressures? What is the speed of the flow? What is the Mach number? The air temperature is 298K. What is the Reynolds number for a wing model with a 20cm chord? Table from the inside cover of Munson, Young and Okiishi, “Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics,” 3 rd ed. New York (Wiley & Sons) 1990. ∆ܲ ൌ ߩ݃∆݄ ൌ ሺ1000݇݃/݉ ሻሺ9.81݉/ݏ ሻሺ0.300݉ሻ ൌ 2940ܰ/݉ ܸൌ ඥ2∆ܲ/ߩ ൌ ඥ2ሺ2940ܰ/݉ ሻ/ሺ1.23݇݃/݉ ൌ69 .1݉/ݏ ܽൌ ඥߛܴܶ ൌ ඥሺ1.4ሻሺ287 ܬ/݇݃ܭሻሺ298ܭሻ ൌ 346݉/ݏ ܯൌ ܸ ܽ 69.1݉/ݏ 346݉/ݏ ൌ 0.200 ܴ݁ ൌ ߩܸܿ ߤ ሺ1.23݇݃/݉ ሻሺ69.1݉/ݏሻሺ0.20݉ሻ 1.79 ൈ 10 ିହ ܰݏ/݉ ൌ 950,000
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Review of vectors and vector operations ଙ̂ , ଚ̂ , are unit vectors in the x, y and z directions
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