Aerodynamics Notes 05 (corrected)

Vectorsaddtoavector dotproductisascalar cos

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Unformatted text preview: are unit vectors in the x, y and z directions ̂ If you multiply a scalar by a unit vector you get a vector in the same direction as the unit vector, with the magnitude of the scalar. ̂ ̂ ̂ ̂ Vectors add to a vector ̂ ̂ Dot product is a scalar ∙ cos Cross product is a vector ̂ ̂ sin ̂ ̂ is a unit vector normal to both and . Gradient operator, operates on a scalar, is a vector ̂ ̂ Is a vector spatial rate of change in a scalar. Result points in direction of highest slope. Divergence of a vector is a scalar 1 ∙ For velocity, the...
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