Aerodynamics Notes 05 (corrected)


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Unformatted text preview: time rate of change of volume per unit volume Curl of a vector is a vector ̂ ̂ 2 For velocity. ω is angular momentum. Line, surface and volume integrals We sometimes want to take an integral along a 3‐D curve, C, in space. We consider an ordinate s that goes along the curve however it bends. We take a small length of the curve, ds, which we take to be infinitesimal the integral from a to b along the curve is then written ∙ The result is a scalar. If the curve is closed and we integrate all the way around we write it. ∙ should be something with units of something per unit length For a surface S bounded by a curve C we take an infinitesimal area element ds around point P. is a unit vector at P which is normal to the surface. If the surface is closed points out by convention. We write the integral ∙ is usually something per unit area example ∙ For a volume V...
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