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Unformatted text preview: 980 N Rem = ρVc/µ = (1.225kg/m3)(50 m/s)(0.10m)/(1.78×10‐5 kg/m∙s) = 340,000 Ref‐s = ρVc/µ = (1.225kg/m3)(50 m/s)(1.00m)/(1.78×10‐5 kg/m∙s) = 3,400,000 V = Reµ/ρc = (3,400,000)(1.78×10‐5 kg/m∙s)/{( 1.225kg/m3)(0.100m)} = 500 m/s Note: Mf‐s = (50m/s)/347m/s) = 0.14 (at seal level, standard conditions) (subsonic) Mm = (500m/s)/347m/s) = 1.44 which is a very different situation (supersonic, with shock waves) It is difficult to match both Re and Mach exactly Today we finish chapter 1. Chapter 2 gets pretty mathematical, we will have two or three pretty heavy math days For Wed read 2.1‐2.3, 2.9 For Friday read 2.4‐2.9 For Monday read 2.10‐2.11 For Wed read 2.14‐2‐16 Our first exam will cover chapters 1 and 2. Types of flo...
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