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Unformatted text preview: Instructions for homework assignments 1. Use 8 by 11 inch engineering paper (4 or 5 squares to the inch). Do not use torn paper from a spiral notebook. It must be from a pad. 2. Use always pencil. 3. Use one side of the paper only. Label the sheets used in numerical increasing order and indicating the total number of sheets used. For example if you use 4 sheets for your assignment, the first sheet must indicate 1/4, the second 2/4, etc. 4. Staple all the sheets of your homework. 5. Present the information known in a problem as GIVEN at the beginning of the problem. Then present what the problem requires for as REQUIRED. 6. Present a section for the solution of your problem and name it a SOLUTION. 7. Clearly show the result of the problem. GENERAL HOMEWORK EXAMPLE Date Course No. Student Name Homework No. 1/5 Page number GIVEN: State the problem information REQUIRED: State the results asked by the problem. SOLUTION: Show your analysis and solution of the problem. When necessary during numerical operations carry along 5 figures and round your final result to 3 digits. RESULT: Present clearly the results required in the problem. ...
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