The rise of modern capitalism requires fine

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Unformatted text preview: ocracy" 4. Romantic Character of “desperate struggle” ideological vs. civil politics extremism vs. more normal version of politics that is more decent and civil, “politics of the ballot box”, in US always tendency to demonize your enemies "political Braveryism" 5. Irony: Willingness to "die for humanity”?! Contexts 4se of communal society European encounters w/ difference Antonio and shylock are both in the business of making money, but in different ways. The rise of modern capitalism requires fine calculations of a shylock (acc to max veder) Political Theory Categorical distinction between uncertainty (gamble, you don’t know) vs. risk (figuring out how exactly to do things to get return on your money, new form of capitalism that relies on things like bookkeeping, insurance example) 1. three concepts of justice a. distributive – Aristotle xy citizenship. How much is given to p...
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