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Unformatted text preview: constitution democracy, essentially making Germany like US of France, not be giving Jews an exemption give all German citizens equal rights. ⇒ (Religion / state) // civil society ⇒ (State)// religion / civil society – what we have in the U.S. Political Theory ⇒ “On the Jewish Question” ⇒ to simply privatize religion, is important step, but Marx says not sufficient ⇒ something illusory or misleading about rights of man, the fact that we have rights , we are never truly free ⇒ the intelligent person realizes that rights can be compatible with dependency and misery ⇒ ⇒ 1. Critique of “so- called rights of man” (40 – 47) ⇒ a. rights are egoistic ⇒ merely selfish reflections of people living in capitalistic, egoistic society ⇒ rights can presume obligation on you, on others ⇒ right to property, selfish claim to domain that once was public, you are egoistically claiming it as your own ⇒ right to religion – my own religion, selfishly ⇒ b. come from something outside us ⇒ how many of us can claim to be completely autonomous and self- ruled ⇒ c. compatible with dependency ⇒ simply having a right to religion doesn’t give you autonomy because it presupposes that you will become dependent upon religion ⇒ d. don’t secure deeper sense of belonging or recognition ⇒ Muslim woman – some part of your identity that prohibits you from really fitting in and feel...
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