Labor theory of value exchange value cost of labor

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Unformatted text preview: act of production o c. species being o d. other men 4. Objection certain forms of labor are intrinsically undesirable? o The alienation is a because of a system in which the labor is performed o web of social significations that determines whether or not its alienating 5. labor theory of value Exchange value cost of labor = surplus value o forces of the marketplace keep us from being free o Naturalness of production/ unnaturalness of consumption o o Exchange value – labor value + surplus value o o Critique of bourgeois liberal rights ⇒ 1. Egotistic ⇒ 2. Compatible/ despondence ⇒ 3. come from something outside ourselves ⇒ 4. don’t sense deeper feelings of belonging ⇒ Fallibility of political (36.161) ⇒ “on the Jewish question” ⇒ status quo (1843 – Germany) Bruno Bauer political emancipation Marx - > “human emancipation” Political Theory ⇒ Bruno Bauer – political emancipation – principality to a...
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