Midterm 2 Solution Fall 2013

C 4 marks is the language in the a part regular

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Unformatted text preview: | ATB | AT | AB A → a; B → b; C → c Break up long RHSs: S → UC | AR | AC | a | VB | AT | AB | ε; U → AR; V → AT R → XC | AR | AC | a | YB | AT | AB; X → AR; Y → AT T → a | ATB | AT | AB; A → a; B → b; C → c You do not need to show all of these steps in detail. CSE 355 Fall 2013 - Colbourn Theory of Computing Midterm # 2 Solutions ID: ___________ Page 2 of 6 (b) [2 marks] Is the language in the (a) part linear? Explain. Yes, every rule of the original grammar has at most one variable on the RHS. If a language has at least one linear grammar, it is linear. It may also have grammars that are not linear. (c) [4 marks] Is the language in the (a) part regular? Ex...
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