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The mean p 1 p the that w is bu call the lines are ild

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Unformatted text preview: xcept Cthat it makes two3, 5, 8). Taking the paths .exist. expected number ofit a max-flow algorithm should beoccurs,path as a line or neighbor going down Toprobabilitythem transmissions signif(1 ! p )event used. such solve it correctly, makes 3 hops justicant 2 . The mean p (1 ! p ). The that w is bu call " The lines are ild , B, –, D, hen ). The outgoing (B E, B some is length via B gives (11, 6, 14, 18, 12,is 8). n the changing sumproperties appreciably. a packet cancoming to travelp agai or weighted its of these three expect back u then 9. Going 1 1 10. probabilities,table 2is ! ")++33"(1 ! ")that .for p = 0 =table is written onto each The routing + 2p !400 bits. Notice 2a + . . = thisthe mean is 3 hops and for second " or " (19, 15, .9, Twice 10). Going via D gives(1 3p 3, 9, !2 line, the bps is Distributing the direction. p ) Packet be 800 needed With line in each " each p = 1sovia mean are 1 hop. on 14, 05, p9). 1, multiple(1transmissions may s < Goingdelays givesrecorded as 8-bit < umbers Link Statenetwork, and delay vectors are E are (12, 11, 8, 2. If n in a found by realizing that the 50-router 11. needed. the total hops used of just (pmuchpbandwidth p )2 .be acknowledged. is chewed up by the It alwaysThe mean number is transmissions+can/ be ! per (full holds. If a packet has arrived 3 If exchanged twice a for transmission all the way must ! (11, which we will second, destination except is (1 Finally, the of a successfuleach how 2 ! on a line, itC gives p )2-duplex)3, 5, 8). 3) (1 Taking minimum probabilityhas arrived ontricline, itpart obethe althere. m is cases 00 (has not link state packets reliably. As the , 6, 0, line T algorithm? must no distributed routinghe a kiestAssumefthat each router has distributing the routers. packet sent gorith The three lines to other The outgoing lines aremethod explicitly).sends a just ( , E, B 23. call ".the warning bitbe B, B, –, De11and installed, the routers getting the first ones will change their route First, The expected number of transmissions is congestion notification to are are distribut d (has arrived and will be sent back) the arrived and will not sent) and notifies 1is source u simply 10. source byincorrectaand thus do notyexist.second thisrouters may beonto ng different versions of the topology, w The routing table isbit, whereas RED a different tablethe written by si each 400 bits. Twice implicitly 1 logically setting Consequentl , the . . . "bps "(1needed onSecond, the warning = method able a packet 2 its packets.in (1 ! ist nc each direc...
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