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Homework 5 Solution

Equivalent forms eg 20 clusters of 16 regions of 15

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Unformatted text preview: tion. 2 !" + dropping one+of are lead) to 3"cons")2e+inies,=loops, unreachdrops machines, and other problems. bit line, so 800 each line 12. only minimum occurs bufferclusters, each with 16 regions,p )packets before all The when there is no at 15 space left, whereas " RED (1 ! each region having drops 11. the routers,are exhausted. equivalent forms, e.g., 20 clusters of 16 regions of 15 It always holds. Ifof the packet acknowledged. If 20 buffer or one a irst wehasilarrived on atline, it must beribution algorithm. Later we will give some refinem describe h basic 2 . Finally, thehas casesFthe table w litis 215 +be+ + e/ (1=!51.dist cases 00 (has not p no packet all arrived used is just (p ! 3p sent there.) The on a line, must routers. In total hops ndamental idea is16 3)20 flooding to distribute the link state packets. To keep the fl size fu to u 24. The router has to do approximately (has samese and will be sent back) are work queueing a arrived and counting method explicitly sends amount of notificationa particular and 11 the 23. 3packet, byte-will not bebig it is. the leakylittle a congestionall frames 10 to the is system. The for each new pa First,he no matter howgosent) of There is carrivedalgorithm ence number that incremented . T the warning bit variant promiscuousbucket readingprocessingindropped check, each packet ontains athat u is used 13. logically incorrect and thus do not exist. mode, Conceivably it might into doubt seq packsource 100setting each isismuchpacket, work than the (sourcenormallymay be sent pairs they see. When a new li ontoule by that but bit, whereas more implicitly processing 1 router, se1000 this very RED or of 512-byte the packet simply ets roftheisLAN, one 1024-bytekeep track twoall notifiespackets, etc., of quence) on each tick. bytes a Routers inefficient. Instead, what is source by done is packets. Second, it Give 12. droppingaoneiousits pack15 clusters,in, into thinkingditagainstmobilea host packets already seen. If it is new, it The minimum occurs tricks thethis each with 16 regions, the tregion having that the ser agent at et of router the warning bit is each he list of by bytes. homeof restriction comes systemi.s checke method drops packet frequests.space left, lines except an IPopacketregions of forIf it is a duplicate, it is discarded. only when there is of orwarded on all whereas 20 clusters npackets before all 20 routers, or one nothe equivalent forms, e.g., gets the of 16 arrived on. responding to ARP buffer When the router RED drops e it destined 15 25. the buffer are exhausted.tablepackets 15 + 16ce 20 1024...
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