Ant 3150 Midterm Study Guide 2007 Fall

Ant 3150 Midterm Study Guide 2007 Fall - Why do people...

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Ant 3150 Midterm Study Guide Don’t forget to bring a scantron! (50 questions each side) 3 Types of Exchange Trobriand Movie Means of production Capitalism vs. mercantilism First factories Why can’t people feed themselves? The general process of incorporating previously self-sufficient and non-cash economies into a global economy. Foragers/ hunters and gatherers Foraging vs. agriculture vs. industrial society When did humans first start producing food? Requirements for hunting and gathering societies Sleep Who works hard? Ethnocentrism Price of progress The Tiv General purpose vs. special purpose money Miskito Indians and turtles Assembly line Date of the first assembly line $5 day—who, when, why, how deskilling mass production mass consumption 19 th century ideal of the independent artisan Ford and unions How did Ford change the way we live? Denarii, pence, shillings, pounds (just kidding!)
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Unformatted text preview: Why do people succeed? Why do people fail? Entrepreneurial vs. monopoly capitalism-And when was this shift? Whom do managers hire? Fighting stereotypes Possessive investment in whiteness Privilege Discrimination Social fact WWII vets Structural discrimination vs. individual discrimination Structural solutions vs. individual solutions Employers’ stereotypes of black and white workers Urban renewal- highways, helps whites, because they can afford a car, has affect on cities, took out thousands of houses, Red Lining- restate companies and banks look at a map and draw a red line around a neighborhood and not give loans to them if they fall under this line Criminal justice system- depicts criminals as black poor men; they are watched and get in trouble for what white men wouldn’t 40 questions, 15 TF, 6 point essay...
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Ant 3150 Midterm Study Guide 2007 Fall - Why do people...

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