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THEATRE 203 - SECTION 2 TEST TWO FALL SEMESTER 1993 FORM A TEXT QUESTIONS Chapter Four 000000001. In scale and proximity of audience to actors, the closest present day facility comparable to the ancient Greek theatres would be a New York or Chicago play house. 2. Ancient Greek drama used music and song integrally, much like opera today (only without the full orchestra). The musical scores handed down from those ancient times to the Renaissance were used by composers to create the forerunner of modern opera. 3. All of the performers in Greek tragedy except the musician wore masks of lightweight wood, cork, or linen. 4. Ancient Roman comedy has fared much better than earlier Greek drama in modern adaptation, probably because the Romans liked theatrical fare not too different from our television sitcoms. Chapter Seven 5. Two examples of very popular forms of drama appreciated by large numbers of audiences are melodrama and tragedy. 6. Commedia dell'arte was a kind of improvised comedy played in Italy beginning in the sixteenth century (1500s). 7. Melodrama, a very popular form of dramatic entertainment that arose during the late 1700s, became wildly popular during the next century. 8. Nineteenth century melodrama developed highly realistic stage settings and action, often quite elaborate. Film, as it emerged, exploited such realism, leading to even further realism and more elaborate settings on stage for the live theatre to compete with cinema. Chapter Eight 9. The modernist temperament is marked by an adherence to Biblical concepts and a belief in the fixed and unchanging nature of ethics, mores, and norms. 10. Henrik Ibsen, often called the founder of modern drama, brought into focus the idea that art on
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2A stage should always follow the truth, no matter whether that truth did or did not conform to current social codes or moral values. 11. Ibsen was also a forerunner of the modern feminist movement, especially in such plays as A Doll's House. 12. Realism and naturalism, like melodrama, were grounded in the belief that poetic justice must always triumph: the villain will get his just desserts. Chapter Nine 13. Following World War I, American dramatists began to achieve achieve international recognition for the first time. 14. "The New Stagecraft" was a phrase used to describe in the U.S. a break from European traditions of theatre and stage setting. 15. Death of a Salesman is an example of a new post World War II style of drama that took advantage of realism in acting and directing with simplified skeleton-like settings that allowed for fluid shifts in time and space. 16. The musical has been the most popular form of theatre in the U.S. during the twentieth century. Chapter Twelve
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