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A Doll’s House Incidents in Act I: 1. 2. 3. (Krogstad) Nora, Rank, Linde 4. Nora, Rank, Linde, Helmer 5. 6. 7. [Opening 2 beats— 1--Nora w/ Porter & Maid (Xmas tree; overtipping; happiness); 2--Nora alone (sneaking candy, more joy)] 3. Helmer enters to Helmer’s comment about Nora looking guilty. (Character & relationships. Plants about debt and other issues.) 4. To Helmer’s exit. (Exposition about Xmases past. Nora’s sneaking candy.)—Possible beat when Nora moves to table in a sulk. 5. Linde’s entrance to Linde’s “…I want to hear about you.” 6. To Nora sitting on the footstool—beat changes in that speech. .”
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Unformatted text preview: (Exposition about Helmer’s illness: Nora not a lightweight ). 7. To Nora tossing her head and xing: “You shouldn’t say that so patronizingly.” (Exposition about Linde; Nora’s discovery that Linde needs work—from Torvald.) 8. To Nora sitting on sofa . (Nora preparing for Big Revelation.) 9. To Nora’s revelation that Torvald must not know. (The Big Discovery by Linde that Nora got the ₤₤ by herself.) 10. To bell ringing in hall. (Nora’s fantasy about Torvald. Nora’s method of borrowing ₤₤. Linde’s false Discovery (her surmise) that Nora got money from a moneybags. Nora’s false Discovery that she doesn’t have to worry any more.)...
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