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A Doll’s House Incidents in Act I: 1. 2. 3. (Krogstad) Nora, Rank, Linde 4. Nora, Rank, Linde, Helmer 5. 6. 7. [Opening 2 beats— 1--Nora w/ Porter & Maid (Xmas tree; overtipping; happiness); 2--Nora alone (sneaking candy, more joy)] 3. Helmer enters to Helmer’s comment about Nora looking guilty. (Character & relationships. Plants about debt and other issues.) 4. To Helmer’s exit. (Exposition about Xmases past. Nora’s sneaking candy.)—Possible beat when Nora moves to table in a sulk. 5. Linde’s entrance to Linde’s “…I want to hear about you.” 6. To Nora sitting on the footstool—beat changes in that speech. .”
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Unformatted text preview: (Exposition about Helmers illness: Nora not a lightweight ). 7. To Nora tossing her head and xing: You shouldnt say that so patronizingly. (Exposition about Linde; Noras discovery that Linde needs workfrom Torvald.) 8. To Nora sitting on sofa . (Nora preparing for Big Revelation.) 9. To Noras revelation that Torvald must not know. (The Big Discovery by Linde that Nora got the by herself.) 10. To bell ringing in hall. (Noras fantasy about Torvald. Noras method of borrowing . Lindes false Discovery (her surmise) that Nora got money from a moneybags. Noras false Discovery that she doesnt have to worry any more.)...
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