Chapter 13 Global Sourcing OPM

The total value of all items held in inventory

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Unformatted text preview: & flexible to customer needs (ex: shorter wait time à༎Burger King) • Core Competency o What the FIRM DOES BEST (wouldn’t outsource this) • Green Sourcing Environmentally responsible o Financial results can often be improved by going green o How a company uses items internally o Reduce waste Assess the opportunity à༎Engage sourcing agentsà༎Assess the supply base à༎Develop the sourcing strategy à༎Implement Sourcing Strategyà༎Develop the Sourcing Strategy • Average inventory level determination à༎ the total value of all items held in inventory • • • Disintermediation: the process of REMOVING or CUTTING OUT INTERMEDIARIES (middle- men) in a supply chain o Being able to do away/skip steps in...
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