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Thinks it is consultant invention erp management

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Unformatted text preview: R you get. Various Names for S&OP/IBP - PSI – production, sales, inventory - S&OP o Ollie White (invention) 1980s – Sales and Operations Planning o Tom Wallice “grandfather” of S&OP à༎credited for putting this in application that makes sense to businesses. - SIOP à༎ I = inventory - IBP = latest one. Thinks it is consultant invention ERP Management Systems - Accountability – sharholders don’t like what youre doing ERP Management Systems (accountability infrastructure) - Plan of record à༎ keeping everyone focused on plans we agreed to on S&OP - Things on this = most important. - Monthly, weekly, daily What is the S&OP? - Revenue/profit - demand - Operations à༎ capacity - Inventory à༎ backlog Robust S&OP - Supply chain =...
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