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Shortly thereafter he discovered that motion of a

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Unformatted text preview: rted or stopped. Shortly thereafter, he discovered that motion of a magnet toward or away from a circuit could produce the same effect 303L: Magnetic Force and Field (Ch.29) Magnetism: The Connection Oersted showed that magnetic effects could be produced by moving electrical charges Faraday showed that electric currents could be produced by moving magnets electrical phenomena magnetic phenomena Magnetic phenomena result from forces between electric charges in motion 303L: Magnetic Force and Field (Ch.29) Magnetic Fields and Forces Magnetic Fields Magnets Magnetic field patterns • Magnets, e.g., common iron horseshoe magnet can pick up iron-containing objects such as paper clips and nails • Magnetic field patterns can be displayed by placing small iron filings in the vicinity of a magnet • Assuming magnet has the shape of a bar, iron objects are most strongly attracted to either end of such a bar magnet its p oles: north and south poles • like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other • North and south poles can not exist in isolation of each other • interaction between magnetic objects is described in terms of a magnetic field surrounding the magnetic objects 303L: Magnetic Fo...
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